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​Photo by Melissa Denae

INNERGY is an Alabama based dance company founded in 2006. Led by Tyra Jackson (Founder/Co-Artistic Director) and Alicia Nicole Thompson (Co-Artistic Director), INNERGY amplifies the revolutionary voice of Black women in dance. Combined, Tyra and Alicia have produced twenty major shows and works over the course of ten years. Their work as professional artists and curators has impacted prestigious organizations such as Jacob's Pillow, The Kennedy Center, Dance Canvas, BLACK GIRLS ROCK!, Dance Theatre of Huntsville, Philadanco!, and The Dance Institute of Washington. Moreover, their influence in higher education includes NYU Tisch Dance, Howard University, Alabama State University and the University of Alabama. This has led to their impact on professional dance audiences and communities from Alabama to New York, Canada and Italy. As for community involvement, the company has worked with the YWCA, public schools and studios in Huntsville, AL, Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland. INNERGY strives to be the gateway to arts and wellness for Black and marginalized communities in Alabama and beyond.


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Thankful for the Arts: Baptize

INNERGY INC. Presents: 

Thank for the Arts




Founder/Co-Artistic Director: Tyra J

Co-Artistic Director: Alicia Nicole



Tyra J (Ensemble, Soloist 1)

Alicia Nicole (Ensemble, Soloist 3)

Shatonya Bryant (Ensemble, Soloist 2)

Emory Smith (Ensemble, duet - Love Supreme)

Akeia Fuqua  (Ensemble, duet - Love Supreme)


The Black Woman - Interlude


Lessons Learned

Choreographer: Tyra J in collaboration with dancers

Music: Beyonce

Soloist 1: Tyra J

Soloist 2: Shatonya Bryant

Soloist 3: Alicia Nicole



Choreographer: Tyra J

Soloist: Tyra J



Choreographer: Tyra J

Music: Beyonce - Sandcastles

Dancers: Akeia Fuqua, Alicia Nicole, Emory Smith, Shatonya Bryant



Choreographer: Shatonya Bryant

Music: Beyonce - Forward (ft. James Blake)

Soloist: Shatonya Bryant


Love and Compromise

Choreographer: Alicia Nicole

Soloist: Alicia Nicole


Love Me or Leave Me

Music: Nina Simone - Love Me or Leave Me

Choreographer: Alicia Nicole

Dancers: Alicia Nicole, Akeia Fuqua, Emory Smith, Shatonya Bryant, Tyra J 


Baptize - Interlude

Music: Chloe x Halle (Interlude)


Love Supreme

Music: Eryn Allen Kane - Love Supreme (ft. Aja Monet)

Dancers & Choreographers:

Akeia Fuqua, Emory Smith


Music: Tasha - Lullaby

Choreographer: Tyra J and Alicia Nicole

Dancers: Akeia Fuqua, Alicia Nicole, Amiya Fuqua, Emory Smith, Shatonya Bryant, Tyra J


I Speak to God in Public

Music: Chance The Rapper - Finish Line / Drown (feat. T-Pain, Kirk Franklin, Eryn Allen Kane & Noname)

Choreographer: Tyra J and Alicia Nicole

Dancers: Akeia Fuqua, Alicia Nicole, Amiya Fuqua, Emory Sith, Shatonya Bryant, 

Tyra J


Curtain Call

Music: Eryn Allen Kane - With You

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