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Ceres (Diaja)

Combining her love for fashion, painting and photography Ceres (Diaja) decided that this was the merger she needed to bring her artistry to the next level. Ceres' photography is known for storytelling through photographic series. These series' are often inspired by current events, Black and African culture, and social disparities.


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I created this series in 2017 and have been building on it, and will continue to add to this series as I see fit. The meaning behind these images is very personal and is my artistic response to the social injustices and stereotypes Blacks/Africans (and the diaspora) face in this world. I wanted to portray each muse as a work of art to be admired, praised, and held in high esteem, not feared, and looked down upon. I wanted to give a proper narrative, and remind viewers of my work how beautiful and unique Black is in every way.

Adam X Eve Series

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