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Sarah at HPL Opening Nov 2019 - 1 - Sara

Sarah Schneiderman

When Sarah Schneiderman became aware of the mounds of garbage she generated, she decided to use these materials as her medium. She transforms trash into realistic and finely crafted images. Her work investigates social, environmental, and political issues. She currently resides in Glastonbury, CT.

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The current presidential administration is chaotic and frustratingly disorganized. The response to the coronavirus has been late in coming and misleading. Still, some people think the president has done an excellent job. Does the president care that people get well or is he touting the use of uncertain medications so a crony can get rich? Does he care about the US population or is he trying to push the opening of the country so that the economic fallout is lessened and, thus, he doesn’t look so bad?


From a distance, the removal of regulations and appointment of the “best people” seems to be good. The economy appeared to be booming until coronavirus. A closer look shows the failures of these shortsighted operating principles such as closing the pandemic office and stopping funding research for a coronavirus vaccine. Businesses might have been doing better and your next car may not be as costly, but the long term effects are not so pretty as evidenced by the number of people sick and dying from complications associated with COVD-19.


In this same vein, when my portraits are seen from afar, the viewer sees the likeness of the subject matter. The viewer may even delight in being able to recognize the face or have warm feelings for someone they care about. Upon further inspection, it is revealed that these artworks are made of garbage – torn and cut debris found on the streets or generated through daily living. This work investigates our relationship to political figures and the environment and our visions: Is what we think we’re doing helpful or hurtful? Is what we see real or something else? Is this a treasure or merely trash?

45th President

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