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Mia Athey

Mia Athey is an artist that tells stories and brings awareness through singing, dancing, acting and writing. Mia is a mezzo-soprano and multifaceted performer in opera, musical theatre and concert music, she has been praised for her “plush mezzo” and “sincere delivery” by Opera Today. She is currently in her second season as a Resident Artist at Minnesota Opera and is presently editing her first novel.

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I live in the heart of where this new racial injustice movement began: Minneapolis, Minnesota. These events touched me so deeply and were so overwhelming that I couldn’t sing, dance, write or express myself through any other medium – except poetry. The words just flowed through my mind like a whirlwind and I was lucky enough to catch them before they escaped. Though I haven’t written poetry since high school, it was the best way to let out these feelings that were bottled up inside of me. I hope you enjoy my two poems:
#Happy4thofYouLie and They See My Skin As A Weapon.

They See My Skin As A Weapon
By: Mia Athey

I wish I could hide behind my race,
All safe, and cozy with a smile on face.
I could hide from racial injustice social media posts,
Never think that “being black” every day is the heaviest burden for most.
I could call the police when I disagree with a black man in the park,
Knowing I never have to worry about walking outside after dark.
I could kill innocent people as I parade down the street,
While I watch my black brothers lose their breath face down in the concrete.
I could loot, riot and pillage and blame it on the protests,
And say being American is having a gun strapped across my chest.
I could rape people of their land, culture and freedom when they were here first,
All the while cheering “America First!”
I could even run a country down into the ground,
Spewing evil, fear and hatred while many people still think I’m sound.
I can brainwash a multitude, using the good ole “American Dream” as my main deception,
But who am I kidding?
None of this applies to me because they see my skin as a weapon.

#Happy4thofYouLie Poem 2020 - Mia Athey.
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