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Jonathan David

Jonathan David writes music for the human voice, music with a keen ear for social justice. His work has been described as “virtuosic”, “exquisite”, and “gorgeous”. David’s debut solo CD, “The Persistence of Song”, was released in early 2020 on Centaur Records. Maury Yeston, Tony Award-Winning composer-lyricist of Nine, Grand Hotel, and Titanic, called it “masterful.”. “Gitchee Gumee is a great example of [a] unique compositional voice... nobody could have written it but [Jonathan]”.

Blue Planet Blues/The Time Has Come is the latest manifestation of the eight-year collaboration of Jonathan David and Hungarian-British poet/playwright/visual artist, Zsuzsanna Ardó ( The first movement is a choral meditation on the single word, “Blue.” The central movement juxtaposes the starkly contrasting words of Teddy Roosevelt and those of the current president on the topic of environmental stewardship. The final movement is a fantasia on water in all its myriad forms. The work provided the sound world for the exhibition, “Rape of Nature,” a feminist perspective on climate change, which ran from August 27-September 17, 2019, in Skopje, Northern Macedonia.

The performers are the super-talented members and friends of C4, the Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, led by the inimitable Phillip Cheah.

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Installation, exhibit, paintings, and photo by Zsuzsanna Ardó

Blue Planet Blues/The Time Has Come

Blue Planet Blues/The Time Has Come- Jonathan David-ComposerJonathan David
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