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Georgia Lale is a Greek visual artist with Anatolian heritage, based in NYC. Through her multidisciplinary practice, Lale explores the human body’s blueprint on the social and political realm of modern society. Her #OrangeVest performance was presented at the Greek Pavilion of the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale. She has been a panel member of academic conferences organized by the Dedalus Foundation, the MoMA Archives, the Yale History of Art Modernist Forum and the Yale School of Management.

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Georgia Lale

I conceive my art as a historical report that documents my personal life and our times through visuals. My work explores narratives of chronic illness and forced migration through an interpersonal perspective. Through my work, I aim to poetically restore the missing pieces of my family’s cultural confusion that occurred in 1922, by forced migration and displacement from Asia Minor to Greece. Since my cancer diagnosis, I have been producing a body of work that addresses the social invisibility, stigma, ostracism and trauma that patients experience during their diagnosis, treatment and recovery. My medium palette is characterized by the conceptual minimalistic use of emotionally charged objects such as, life vests, emergency heat blankets and hospital gowns. I use performance, public interventions, sculpture and language in order to advocate for social justice and the right to universal healthcare.



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