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Camille Sowell

Camille is a senior at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. She plans on graduating next spring with her Bachelor of the Arts degree. After graduation, Camille wants to pursue a career in illustration.

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“The price of bleeding in America is higher than that of other developed countries. Necessary supplies for menstruation are taxed as a luxury item in America. This is a cruel joke because there is nothing luxurious about a period. I consider myself lucky to be able to just afford these items, but the reality is there is a large number of people unable to afford tampons and pads monthly. Instead, they have to resort to medieval and unsafe practices to sustain themselves such as using unclean cloth or going without. No one should have to choose between eating and soiling themselves. Ironically, taxing these necessities as a luxury has ensured these items are considered as such to our vulnerable citizens.”

Pay the Price or Pay the Price

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